Petal & Stem are the creators of the "Hip Hugger", a cute belt for the woman who needs two hands.

 When your purse is too much but you need a few extra pockets, stash a few necessities like your credit cards, cell phone, and portable beauty gear on your hips and feel the freedom your hands were meant to enjoy! 

 The Hip Hugger has made consuming tasks like traveling safe and easy with all your essentials within reach around your waist. Use your belt to keep everything close to your body and with two invisible pockets others just think it is a sweet accessory!

 What's more, we have different sizes to choose from, with 3 sets of snaps to adjust the belt size, and we have added an adorable detachable cell phone/passport pouch that can be worn on your regular leather belt. 

Check out our Collections page for multiple styles to choose from. Find your version and be hands free with our Hip Hugger Belt!

These belts are ready to hit your hips!

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Your P&S Team