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February 25, 2015

  Women are increasingly suffering from an accessory used to carry all (and more) of her essentials. This accessory to pain is called: A Purse….

  Trendy big canvas purses have become fashionable in past years, but at what expense? I know from my own experience that when presented with a giant roomy purse, I often fit in as many essentials or accessories as I can, rather than what is only necessary. This leads to overfilling the bag and the even bigger problems of distorted posture while walking and the wrath of back/shoulder pain that concludes the effects of over-packing these huge purses. 

  It is recommended by the American Chiropractic Association not to carry anything over 10% of your body weight. It is also recommended that fanny packs be considered as an alternative as the weight is distributed in your hips, rather than your back/shoulders. Though, on the other hand it is understood that fanny packs are not fashionable.


The solution to the back and shoulder pain caused by heavy purses and the solution to the fashion-less fanny pack is Petal & Stem’s The Hip Hugger.

  The Hip Hugger is a fashionable and reversible belt with hidden pockets and attachable wallet accessories. As women we need a few extra pockets, to stash a few necessities like our credit cards, cell phone, portable beauty gear, and keys. Stash all of this on your hips and feel the freedom your hands were meant to enjoy!

  What’s more, here at Petal & Stem, we have listened to your AMAZING customer feedback and are soon to be announcing New Products on the horizon including new attachments for your Hip Hugger belt! 

  These belts are ready to hit your hips so be sure to check out the multitude of sizes/styles offered, at our shop on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/PetalandStemDesigns, or at http://www.petalandstem.com. Find your version and be hands free with our Hip Hugger Belt! Your shoulders and back will thank you!