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Organic Lavender Sachet - French Pink

Petal & Stem

Organic French Lavender!

Petal & Stem has been traveling this summer in Europe and we fell in love with the french lavender fields. How could you not, right?

Lavender has been used for centuries for its aroma and beautiful benefits. It is mostly used for its relaxing and calming qualities and can be found more and more around the world for that reason.
We have sourced our lavender buds directly from an organic french farm close to where my mum lives. The quality is high and unmistakable "french".

Knead it, smell it and relax.

We use it in our car, hang it in our closets (acts as well as a moth repellent), put it in our drawers, carry it in our handbags, give them as gifts, keep it close to our beds for relaxation. In fact, my daughter, keeps one close to her pillow as well.

When you notice that the scent decreases, squeeze it a few times and "Voilà", enjoy it again.

This listing is for 1, 2, 3 and 4 (you choose quantity) sachets. The size of a sachet is around 4x4" (9.5x9.5 cm) filled with 14 grams of organic, french Lavender.

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