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20. May 2018 ~ Face-Head Massage & Aromatherapy Workshop

Petal and Stem


Where:  House of Zen, Estoril on 20. May from 10am-1pm

Price: 30 EUR or 36.50 USD/ person for a 3-hour workshop

Face-Head Massage & Aromatherapy Workshop Details

We are back for more! Having had such a wonderful response at our last workshop at House of Zen, we are happy to present you our new workshop. Sign up and save your spot. Join us for a relaxing few hours.


EXPLORE the benefits of Aromatherapy for relaxation and massage

LEARN THE SKILLS to give a relaxing 15min Face & Head Massage

ENJOY receiving a relaxing massage


Why Essential Oils?

Do you remember the smell of an orange? It makes us feel happy, it puts a smile on our faces, and it might even bring back some old memories. Smell is directly linked to emotions, mood and memory. The absence or presence of a certain aroma can have a direct psychological impact on us. Aromatherapy is the use of plant materials and its oils. It is scientifically proven to work on a psychological as well as on a physical level. In combination with massage we offer Essential Oils as a complementary form of therapy.

Why a Face & Head Massage?

Our face and head are especially receptive to massage. Being able to give & receive a relaxing face & head massage, that's a true skill & treat! In this workshop we will learn simple but profound techniques to relax each other. Don't hesitate to book this workshop for yourself only, it will be rewarding, no matter if you join with a friend, your partner, or alone.

Program of our 3-hour workshop

*Introduction to Aromatherapy with amazing essential oil blends for Face & Scalp massage, especially blended by Katrin for our workshop. Explore the different blends and aromas you wish to work with during our practice. Katrin will explain different blend options for dry, combination and acne skin.

*Short introduction to the theory of face & head massage practice

*Visually guided massage practice – we start with a refreshing and cleansing face compress and continue with a 15min face & head massage. You will give and receive a massage.

*Afterwards we will have a chance to enjoy some snacks & water. You can ask questions, share your experience, and you have the opportunity to purchase the all-organic, therapeutic Massage Blends...a great reminder to keep practicing massage at home

Who we are...  
Katrin Birkholz started her journey with Essential Oils at an early age of 11. Everything which a pleasant aroma got either picked as flower or purchased as an Essential Oil. After studying Photography in 2001 and enjoying mostly close-up nature photography she was professionally introduced to Essential Oils and their magnificent multifaceted possibilities in 2013.
Anne Staab was introduced to the practice of Swedish massage in 2009. Being a certified Massage Therapist for techniques such as relaxing, deep tissue, and reflexology massage, she is working at a variety of events throughout Europe, giving massages as well as teaching others at workshops. Her wish is to share her knowledge and experience about massage practice during interactive workshops, allowing participants to relax, increase their own well-being, and empower them to improve the well-being of others by learning simple yet profound massage techniques.
How to participate...
Due to limited space, we kindly ask you to book your spot here on our website or click here if you see this post on Facebook or Meet-up.
The cost is 30€ per Person, including the oil blends used in the workshop and some snacks and drinks.

You don't have to bring anything, just wear comfortable clothes and we take care of the rest. For any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@PetalAndStem.com.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our workshop,
Anne & Katrin




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