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30 Sep 2017 ~ Natural Beauty Product Workshop: Goddess with Essential Oils

Petal and Stem

Where: House of Zen, Estoril

When: 01. August 2017 / 11-13h

Price: 20 EUR per person

Step into the world of essential oils and natural wellness products with Katrin Birkholz.

Come and do with us beautiful Scrubs and Linen & Room Sprays with simple formulas, affordable and inspiring for you to go home and make more. Over and over again. Let us give you the tools!

Instead of using store-bought exfoliation products, which have a high amount of unwanted and toxic ingredients, damaging to you and to nature, we will explore some beautiful natural, non-toxic and simple recipes which will leave your skin radiant, softer and youthful aka Goddess.
We will provide you with a choice of Pure Grade Therapeutic Essential Oils, amazing skin oils and butters to make your own Goddess mix!

Have you ever walked into a house or a room and you were delighted and uplifted by the smell (aroma) of the room? We will be creating a beautiful and calming room spray you can use as well as a Linen Spray. Just a few spritzers on your pillow before you go to bed and you will drift into Goddess lands.
Containers will be provided at the workshop!

Seats are limited. Reserve your space now!
Costs: 20 Euros/ person (includes products, containers and workshop fee)

For bank transfer:

IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 5282 8150 0017 6

Let me know if you have any questions! Looking forward to Saturday! Hugs Katrin

Hugs Katrin



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