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10 Dezembro 2017 @ 16h ~ dōTERRA Óleos Essênciais ~ Essential Oil class

Petal and Stem

Host: Petal & Stem, Telheiras, Lisbon

When: 10 Dezembro 2017 / 16:00 h

Price: FREE

Language: Portuguese, English & German

Hosts: Alda Maria Rodrigues & Katrin Birkholz


Are you open to natural remedies? Are you interested in learning more about natural solutions?

Step into the world of essential oils and natural wellness products. Take charge of your family's health and be in control of the ingredients you use on a daily basis. 

Learn about the world of Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Did you know: Women Put an Average of 168 Chemicals on Their Bodies Daily

Instead of using store-bought beauty products, which have a high amount of unwanted and toxic ingredients, damaging to you and to nature, we will explore some beautiful natural, non-toxic alternatives with Essential Oils which will make you want to experience a toxic-free household. 

Have you ever walked into a house or a room and you were delighted and uplifted by the smell (aroma) of the room? 

Have you ever wished to not take another harmful medication to heal your child's little cough or sinus infection?

The choices are endless and expensive when it comes to beauty products but they don't have to be. Simple ingredients will help you understand that you can avoid those harmful chemicals in your products. 

You can take simple steps to create a healthy living environment.


Natural solutions are amazing – you get powerful results without the side effects of medications. Have you ever heard of essential oils? Would you like to learn more about them? Then come to our FREE class. 

Seats are limited to 10 spots. Please RSVP.
Costs: FREE

Drinks will be available :-)

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Alda & Katrin



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