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The Petal & Stem Story

Here, at Petal & Stem, we desire to bring quality products to the one who desires products which are made in small batches and with only the highest quality ingredients. We are proud to say that all our products are sourced ethically and are either 100% organic or wild grown organic.

Free from: allergens, GMO, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, preservation, animal testing

Our Body Glow Product Line and Aromatherapy accessories made their way into the business since we have started using Therapeutic & Pure Essential Oils in the year back in 2013 and we have committed ourselves to convert our home and 1 Million other homes to a Pharmaceutical-free and Chemical-free zone.


*************TRULY All ORGANIC*************
Note// If you see "Natural" on any products, it means that it has no regulations nor proof that it is organic. Please consider only the best for your skin and body!
*************WE ARE TRULY All ORGANIC*************
Respect your body, respect your nature.

Made with Love & hand-crafted in Lisbon, Portugal
Sealed with a Kiss


The Creator:

The creator of Petal & Stem, Katrin Birkholz has worked in import-export in Luxemburg, worked as a professional photographer, set up an art gallery, had a successful line of digital print skirts and laptop bags, set up a cozy little coffee shop called "Kafe 99 Square Feet" whose new owners still serve coffee and tasty things in San Francisco, managed projects and client services. Managing the evolution of Petal & Stem's products is her latest love and has been for years. Nothing can stop her anymore.

She is impossibly fascinated with the adventures one can take on. She shifts them from scary and overwhelming to absolutely possible.

She loves her camera and uses it as an escape from the busy world she lives in.

The Brain behind the web:

Seth Birkholz is a serial developer, developing software by day for others (Django, Python, Ajax, Java, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera) and business possibilities by night, of which Petal & Stem is only one (renewable alternative energy, anyone?)!  His interest and curiosity about life in general and human beings in particular amazes lesser folk, inspiring others to leap forward with him to answer the question "What if...?"

Jello makes him happy, and he plays a mean recorder.  

The Best son ever:

Max Frisbee is one amazing boy. A black belt in Karate, mastering Piano (Fuer Elise), chasing horses, dogs, cats and chickens and mastering 3 languages at the same time. He earns a Gold Medal for being the most patient brother to his sister! Max helps out on Art Fairs (he counts the money) and he clearly tells us if something looks really bad. Well, he is a half-blooded german. True, honest, charming and sweet! Beat that! Oh and did you say Ice Cream, Popcorn and movies? He will be there :-)


The Wildest thing in the family:

Sasha Paulina Birkholz. With her 7 years she is a bundle of energy, tells us which direction to take and enjoys every Fairy out there. She can not be missed with her impish smile and blond, crazy hair. She does love to be every princess she sees and at the same time climbs a wall without a second thought! In her princess dress.