Cinnamon Branch Essential Oil | Organic | 15g (14.56ml)

Petal and Stem

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Cinnamon Branch - Cinnamomum verum


Size: 15g (14.56ml)

Therapeutic Uses: diarrhea, digestive conditions, flatulence, and more.⁠

Emotional Uses: stimulation, stress-related conditions, spirituality, and more.⁠ ⁠

Safety: 0.6% is the maximum dermal use level recommended. Can cause skin and mucous membrane irritation. Do not apply to the larger skin areas. Do not use during pregnancy. Do not use on children. Safety hazards include drug interaction, may inhibit blood clotting, may contain safrole. Use with caution.⁠


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We source our oils from Florihana in the beautiful South of France. They only have the highest quality essential oils available on the market.



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