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Organic Mascara Super Long Lashes - carbon black

Petal and Stem

The benecos Natural Mascara Super Long Lashes creates unearthly long, perfectly seperated lashes.

The mascara contains, among other things, precious aloe vera, beeswax, jojoba oil and vitamin E.


For a particularly subtle effect, apply the mascara only to the ends of your lashes.

For the volume effect, apply mascara with the flat side of the brush at the roots of the eyelashes and then distribute it with a horizontal zig-zag movement. Distribute the colour on the whole length of the lashes without adding more. This process can be repeated for an even greater impact.

For the long lashes effect, apply mascara from the root of your lashes vertically upwards, where you only use the flat side of the brush.

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Natural Mascara Super Long Lashes

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