Signature Essential Oil Diffuser Blends - 0.17 fl oz/ 5ml

Petal and Stem

We have formulated our Petal & Stem Diffuser blends with nature and feelings in mind. Choose from any of our blends and enjoy our Blend Kit!

When you close your eyes and walk through a rain forest, how does it smell? How does it sound? How does it feel?

Our FIVE senses collect information about our environment and our brain then translates them, with the help of our previous experiences. Based on this combination, we can create our story.

Any of our 5 Diffuser Essential Oil Blends will give you a chance to create a different environment. We used organic and pure essential oils, only. As always!

If you are new to Essential Oils we also offer our Diffuse like a PRO! course which comes with these 5 blends in sample size PLUS 10 Single Essential Oils. It also makes a great gift!

Enjoy these creations and feel a change :-)

Size: 0.17 fl oz/ 5ml (each)



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