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1. Aug 2017 ~ Beauty Product Workshop: Summer Blends with Essential Oils

Petal and Stem

Where: House of Zen, Estoril

When: 01. August 2017 / 11-13h

Price: 25 EUR (10 EUR Deposit is required to hold your spot)

This workshop will be a lot of fun. Come and indulge in the world of sight, smell, touch, and taste. Using almost all your senses. 

You will leave with two wonderful organic products which will not only work great but also will leave your skin healthy and beautiful after a day in the sun.

The products you will create are organic and free of harmful ingredients:

  • a 200ml Luscious Skin Healing Cream especially helpful after sun exposure, perfect for the summer
  • a 60ml wonderful smelling Insect Repellent which can be safely applied to your skin over and over again

The Summer Sun & Fun Workshop with the founder, Katrin Birkholz, of Petal & Stem and Essential Oils Portugal is designed for beginners and advanced alike.

We will be entering the vast and endless world of Essential Oils, Butters and Carrier Oils and their many, many facets of use in addition to creating 2 of your very own beauty products which are 100% chemical-free to take home with you.

Do it yourself products have become hugely popular. When we start trying to read our labels of our body creams, shampoos, conditioners etc. we will hardly find a word which we can pronounce, let alone the harm it can do to your body.

Our skin is our biggest organ and it absorbs any harmful (and non-harmful) ingredient and goes straight into our bloodstreams within 26 seconds. It is not only important what we put into our bodies but also what we put on our bodies.

The class itself will last 2 hours and we will have time to answer questions, exchange ideas and become utterly familiar with the world of natural beauty products.

We will cover:

  • The basics about Essential Oils. What are Essential Oils and how to use them in more than just one way
  • Smell & Taste Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils
  • Each participant creates TWO - 100% Organic Beauty Products
    • a Luscious Skin Healing Butter
    • a wonderful smelling Insect Repellent
  • Meet new people and have fun!

Ready to create your own nourishing and skin healing after sun butter and all natural insect repellent? Come and join us for a fun-filled workshop.

Plan 2-3 hours as we will be chatting, creating and smelling Essential Oils.

Please register until 30th of July 2017

See you soon!

Katrin & House of Zen

Price includes 2-hour workshop, essential oil, different kinds of butter, carrier oils, containers and your final product creation.



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